15 Emojis You Have Been Using Wrong

It seems like a conversation isn’t a real conversation with adding emojis. Before, we used punctuations and now, we have real, colorful graphics to make texting more fun – because apparently, words just aren’t enough to say what we need to say.

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Speaking of emojis, did you know that they have been around since 1999? It was only in 2012 during the iOS 6 phase of Apple’s iPhone that they added the emoji keyboard for the first time. Can you say that you’re an emoji expert? Are you sure you’re using them correctly? Some popular emojis are seriously misinterpreted and if you what to know if you have been using emojis the wrong way here are 15 emojis you probably have been using wrong. Lets begin the countdown starting with #15.

#15. “Sweaty” “Teary Eyed” “Sad”


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There’s so many meanings when it comes to this emoji, but the official meaning is “disappointed but relieved” face. It’s not supposed to be confused with the crying face emoji which has a tear on the cheek. The face has a sweat drop, not tear drop, from the brow because of a stressful occurrence.

X: How was your exam?

Y: it was so stressful. I’m just glad it’s over. :disappointed but relieved emoji:

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