20 Amazing NFL WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends)

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Being a sports fan can take a toll on the human body. We live and we die by the final score on the field and when the score is in our favor, we are all smiles and buy shots for the bar. When the score isn’t in our favor, we are miserable, friendships end, and the world comes to a quick end. There are things that happen on and off the field that alters the way we look at teams and the players, but nothing stops us from watching all the action.

There are certain things that help us all keep that smile on our faces despite the final score. One of the best things about watching sports on television even when your favorite team is losing is when the games are such blowouts that the networks decide to use their valuable time to show off the very attractive wives and girlfriends of players on and off the field. For some, it is like another pastime. These women, whether they are life partners, girlfriends, or wives, are known simply as WAGs. The term itself began to gain prominence during the 2006 World Cup and while it was widely used for international soccer, is now used for all sports.

Among those sports in the United States is football and the National Football League is the most popular league and is filled with WAGs that make men around the country drool. These are the kind of women that make you feel like the players never really lose, because they have these beauties to go home with every time. Here are the 20 hottest WAGs in the NFL today.


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The last name may sound familiar, but unless you live on the west coast or are a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, you might not know that the Celek we are talking about is tight end Garrett. The younger brother of the more-known tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles is married to one of the hottest WAGs in the sport. Garrett has not had a great career with just eight receptions for 142 yards, but he is a winner in my book. Sarah Hinton is a former model that graduated from Michigan State and was Miss July in the Hooters Calendar in 2012.

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