Amazing Facts About Alcohol And Drinking

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Alcohol is one of the few things that almost every civilization and culture on the planet has in common. While some nations have banned drinking altogether in an effort to improve health and solve societal problems, the popularity of alcohol has ensured it has lasted for centuries. In fact, it is such a big part of human culture that it has actually affected the development of our species and in some ways, even shaped the world around us. With such a long and varied history, there are plenty of fascinating facts about alcohol.

Champagne Corks Are Really Dangerous


Everyone loves popping off the cork of a bottle of champagne. Yet, the highly pressurized liquid inside means that the cork can fly off at incredibly fast speeds and injure anyone who is hit. Considering champagne is often drank at occasions such as weddings and other celebrations, people are likely to surround the person and get hit, a dangerous thing considering flying corks kill as many as 20 people every year.

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