Products That Are Actually Made By Prisoners

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Everybody has seen old films that show prisoners being used for labor, whether it is to create mailbags or skin potatoes. While it seems like something from a bygone era, prison labor is still remarkably popular around the world and many countries utilize those who have been incarcerated to make all types of products. With the advent of private facilities run by businesses, it isn’t surprising that they would look to find ways to earn extra money. It’s not just the things you might think they might produce either, inmates have been used to put together all types of surprising and shocking things.

Picnic Tables

Picnic tables and benches are essential items for any public park, giving families the chance to relax and eat their food in the peaceful surroundings. Many of those in the United States come through the PRIDE program that the government runs in various prisoners to teach them skills that they can use in civilian life when they are released.

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