Top 15 Jobs for People Over 50

Many people are now working later and later into their lives as medical technology gets better and we live longer. With that comes a need for older workers to find jobs that suit their skill set and are also flexible and easy to start. While it may seem like companies are only looking for young, tech-savvy workers, there are actually many industries that are hiring older workers in large numbers. Whether you’re looking to get back out there now that your kids are empty nesters, or you’re just itching for a career change in general, here are some of the positions that are best for those over fifty right now.

1. Tax Preparer

1 tax preparer

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to be an accountant to prepare taxes. The IRS actually offers training programs and certifications to help you learn the ropes, but if you already have knowledge in this area, you don’t necessarily need to take them. You can start your own tax preparation service, or you can see if established ones in your area are hiring.

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