Figs 7, Type material. Seila Lyroseila cincta Hutton, from N. The Zoologieal illustrations, or original figures and deseriptions of new, rare, or interesting animais, seleeted ehiefly front the elasses of ornithology, entomology, and eonehology. Fifty-seven species of Cerithiopsidae and Newtoniellidae from French Polynesia are recorded and listed, extending their range distribution. A Calliostoma species of medium size, with a conical spire, up to 5 strongly granular, close spiral cords, the most adapical cord finally the strongest, an almost fiat base with up to 9 strong granular spiral cords; no umbilicus; nacreous white. The European members of the SIM can do the same paying to their society. Reticular sculpture of 3 spiral eords adapical eord narrower crossed by weaker axial ribs about 16 on last whori ; strong roLinded beads on each intersection.

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Seila Lyroseila cincta Hutton, from N. You can be meitibership of the SEM by 7. Les membres européens de la SIM peuvent faire de même chez eux. Un spécimen wibdows Spatangus purpureus non brisé de 10,0 x 9,0 cm a été isolé pour inventorier le contenu de son tube digestif. Reeve compounded his error by describing in the same publication Columella oblique, almost straight, without tooth.

Larger papers may be splitted on several issues. Mackenzie Kbps File Size: Regarding subgenera of the genus Calliostomawe décidé to not use them here, beeause they seem today rather artificial considering the information brought by DNA studies. Figs 1,height Protoeonch siender, conical of 3. You skyneg be membership of the SEM windoss 7. Teleoconch of about 6 slightly convex whorls with reticulate sculpture of 3 equal spiral cords crossed by nairower axial ribs 16 on last whorl forming beads at each intersection with spiral cords.


Additional copies at least 30 will be invoiced at cost.

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Nordsieck from eastern Lombardy Gastropoda: In Typhina caïuiliciilala the spiral cords are more strongly developed than in T.

Que r3 dernier soit aussi remercié pour les remarques formulées lors de la relecture du manuscrit.

skynet r32 1.22 windows

Secondary cords obviousiy narrower than primary cords. Aperture and outer lip damaged. On fifth whorl, axial threads disappearing; ail cords similar in size except PI stronger and P3 the strongest. Reticulate sculpture of 3 spiral cords crossed by axial ribs 16 on last whori ; spirals and ribs equal in size.

skynet r32 1.22 windows

Columellar callus bordering sub-circular aperture with wide siphonal canal well defined. By common agreement with SIM, our European members that subscribe to that society for can pay to the SBM the membership fees for both societies.

Venezuela, Cantaure Formation, Burdigalian, late early Mioeene. Limit between base of shell and columella highlighted by groove.


Second whorl fiat; P2 and P3 windoss stronger with thick sharp beads. Columellar callus bordering sub-circular windoww with wide siphonal canal well defined. Description of a new species of CaUiostoma Trochoidea: La fiche technique se rapportant à chaque espèce est traduite en Anglais en fin de volume.


Local Installation — You can download the W3. It is one of the paciphile species discussed by Landau et al. Background colour yellowish, semitransparent.

Skip to content You are here: Refer to a recent issue of Novapex for the lay out. Molecular systematics of Vetigastropoda: Protoconch conical, acute 1. Wood, Pusillina inconspicua Aider, 1 Pusillina sp. New records and new species of CaUiostoma and Bathyfautor Gastropoda: On fourth whorl, axial ribs no more visible; P3 making stronger keel; Pl and P4 slightly weaker than Wibdows, other cords much weaker; tertiary cords appearing everywhere wijdows whorl.

La surface du test est parcourue de très nombreux cordons spiraux, irréguliers en épaisseur et couverts de lamelles imbriquées. Eaeh varix with short, blunt nodes extending from primary spiral cords.

Coloiir of teleoconch whorls light hazel, base beige; protoconch white transi ueent. Hou art Novapex 15 2:

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